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Hey Mags - just saw your post over there... didn't see it had gone to another page!

How soon after we met? Admittedly, it was not very long. We had some brief unprotected contact initially and then decided to forego the condoms altogether after a few weeks. G knew about this of course. She was concerned about it, however. We had both been tested recently.

I did not see test results, or pills. I have nothing to go on here but her word, and L gets very combative when put on the defensive. I'm not pushing her on ANYTHING until Friday is over.

When L was roofied, I don't think she was raped - it's possible, but unlikely. There is some possibility that this fetus is someone else's DNA, but the timeline (according to her) places it on me.

Yes, G had unprotected sex with her previous lover, from whom we got Chlamydia. She basically didn't have protected sex with him at all.

My current opinions about L are affected by current knowledge and a lot more experience. At the time we decided to go bareback, she seemed very open and honest.

Absolutely agreed that this is a lesson-learning situation, and both G and I were far to trusting, far too soon, and yes, lesson learned.

In other news, L says she has an appointment on Friday to abort. We'll see if she goes through with it. I offered to be there, and she said she just wants to be alone for a few days, and if she changes her mind and needs me there, she'll let me know. I want to give her as much space as she needs, and I'm still kinda skeptical about this whole thing.

Is she actually pregnant? Is this just more drama she's cooked up to draw me in? If she is, is it mine? Was she ever on the pill? Was I straight-up duped? I have so many questions, and no answers other than what she says, so essentially, no real answers at all.

Anyhow, I'm not pushing anything until after this is done, then I can begin a quest for the truth.
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