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I HATE dealing with government offices! The beurocracies, the missing documents that you didn't know you needed, the finding those same documents or waiting for the inept lawyer to find, the time wasted waiting in line to be told you're missing vital documents (the ones you knew you needed but didn't realize it had to be GOVERNMENT ISSUED AND SIGNED!) *sigh*

Just where does a 16 y/o get a government issued ID when he's not 19, not military and not yet ready to take his driver's test and can't find his social insurance card?

I'm on VACATION. This means rest and recreation NOT hunting down documents, spending MY valuable time waiting in line in not one, but two, government offices all in the hopes my son can get his passport in time to go to Ohio in August *sigh*.

His dad is frustrated beyond words! One would THINK he would remember what would be needed for the OHIP card since he has one as well (government coverage for health care in Ontario). I KNOW what's needed & my requirements are different, lol. *shrug* The joys of motherhood & being married to a moron who can't remember from day to day anything important! (The only reason he remembers his name is because everyone uses it so he's conditioned to respond to it.)

Frustration is the word of the week, lol.
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