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SS, I posted this on your other thread, but you didnt respond.

You say L told you she was on the Pill, so you two started fucking bareback. How soon after you'd met her did you decided this? Was G fine with it? Did she even know?

Did you ever see L's BCPs in her apartment or purse, or see her taking any in the morning? Were both of you tested before having unprotected sex? Did you see her test results?

I also was reminded of the 2 times L was slipped roofies and even coke once. Is it possible she was raped those nights and didn't remember? You also said you 2 broke up and she was seeing some other guy, M. It's possible this baby is his, right?

Also, you mentioned your wife G fucked a guy some time ago, who gave her chlamydia and then passed it to you... So G also had unprotected sex with this guy?

Woah baby. Fluid bonding is serious shit. You say L was no good at communicating clearly. How did you trust her to have sex with no condoms, if she is untrustworthy and uncommunicative? Your NRE blinded you to reality, and to safety.

I am not saying all this to rub salt into your current wounds. Just please, lesson learned here.
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