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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Rabbinic Judaism did not exist before the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE and was not fully developed until the third century.
Well, technically. Jesus was called rabbi and rabboni in the Bible, however. He might have been a Pharisee himself. The Pharisees were proto-rabbis. Hillel was a 1st century elder who began the Talmudic tradition. Jesus seems similar to him.

Also John the Baptist, who was a teacher to Jesus, was an unmarried, celibate figure. It appears that parts of the Jesus message had a rather strong anti-family ethos, which is common in end of times cults and echoed in Paul.
True. Yet Mary was a close companion, and according to gnostic writings, he used to often kiss her on the... [lost text]. Some people think the unnamed disciple in the Gospel of John actually referred to Mary, who rested on his bosom during the Last Supper.

The Old Testament figure of Wisdom as the consort to Yahwe seems to be the remnants of a Mesopotamian Mother Goddess figure, which is called Asera in the Hebrew Bible and by various other names around the Ancient Middle East (Ishtar, Astarte, possibly Isis). Later Christian writers identified Jesus as the Wisdom or Logos of God, and the Mother Goddess was re-identified with Virgin Mary.
And don't forget the sex partner goddess, the other Mary. Isis was a magician, sister and wife to Osiris, and mother to Hathor, who triumphed over his evil uncle Set. Isis combined the madonna/(sacred) whore concept, which became lost in our culture.

It seems that in early Christianity, women were much more involved as apostles and leaders of home churches, but this was at odds with the accepted morality of Imperial Roman society and early Jesus movement was eventually forced through persecution to wipe out women from leadership positions. This process began with Paul's frowning upon women praying with their hair exposed and was finished by the time of the Pastoral Letters, where the assertation that the leader of a congregation (a modern bishop) has to be an upstanding man of one wife.

I am familiar with Elaine Pagels and Dan Brown, although the latter is a fiction writer.
That's OK. The whole Bible is fiction as well, hehe. Myth anyway. Jesus' story is a midrash largely based on the Exodus story of Moses and Joshua (Joshua, of course, is translated into Greek as Jesus/Iesous).

Thank you for the other references, I will check out the article when I can. I am curious, however, how you combine the virulent anti-body ethos of the Gnostic Gospels with the idea of a sexual union between Jesus and MM?
That is covered quite well in the linked article. I don't hold that gnosticism is so anti-flesh as you propose.
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