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Originally Posted by Confused101 View Post
Q: Is it ok to apply this reasoning in general. Does know more about your partners other relationships help with jealousy?
Well, many find it helpful to know that their metamours are not mythical superheroes who always do everything right, communicate expertly and are raucous between the sheets all the time. Or just to notice that their metamours are different from them. Or that the things their SO does with their OSOs are very normal and kinda boring.

Originally Posted by Confused101 View Post
She has gotten uncomfortable when I've tried to open up the conversation in that way. She claims that she doesn't want to betray the trust with her OSO's and thinks that I am invading there privacy.
Would it help if you were able to talk more with your metamours via e-mail or PM for example? That way they could choose how much information about themselves they feel comfortable divulging.

Since your gf prefers a DADT policy with your possible future amours, she might herself be more comfortable with not sharing any details. But that is obviously not working for you.
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