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Thanks again for all the advice and experience guys. It's so helpful.

We have talked a few more times about the situation since last I was here. I realised that my approach may have been causing problems. As a result we are communicating a lot better.

So, I have a question. I had a really bad bout of jealousy/depression last weekend when I knew she was going out with them. We spoke about it and realised that it was the not knowing that caused a lot of it. I was left to create my own scenarios as to what was going on. When she told me what had actually happened i felt a lot better and now think that knowing in advance might have avoided some of the negative feelings I experienced.

Q: Is it ok to apply this reasoning in general. Does know more about your partners other relationships help with jealousy?
And, more importantly, where should one draw the line between sharing and prying?

She has gotten uncomfortable when I've tried to open up the conversation in that way. She claims that she doesn't want to betray the trust with her OSO's and thinks that I am invading there privacy.

hmmmmm, what do you think?
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