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Originally Posted by Confused101 View Post
So, you may have hit on something when you mentioned how things changed when I found out there was another male involved. I can quite easily see that this may have caused some if not most of the jealousy.
This is such a common reaction, believe me! I think a lot of it is based on the thinking of 'Okay, my gf is bisexual, so another woman will give her something that I am never able to, and I can see how she might be more fulfilled with both. But another dude?!? Now what does he got that I don't?'

Originally Posted by Confused101 View Post
I don't feel like i've been cheated on though. I agree she withheld the extent of the relationship she was in but I was aware that there was at least another person involved.
My assessment was based on there being another super extra bonus surprise partner in the mix, but I am glad to read you don't feel like you have been deceived or tricked into this.

Originally Posted by Confused101 View Post
I find it very difficult to talk to her about this because I feel like any decision I make affects the other couple too and I'm uncomfortable with that responsibility. I have met them both in the past and they are wonderful people.
One thing that is good to internalize now is that you can only affect the relationships you are actually involved in, and even in them, the person most likely to change through your actions is you. Her partners are her responsibility. You can only make decisions for yourself. How do you fear it will affect them negatively, since you pretty much said the two of you are not going to break up and monogamy is not in the cards either?
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