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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
And Paul was a burning man himself. He had a "thorn in his flesh." Many people, then as now, believe Jesus was married, to Mary Magdalene/Mary of Bethany.
Those kinds of ideas are interesting, but where do you go with them? All you really have to interpret is the scripture that was preserved. I wouldn't assume that it is perfect because it was preserved, but you just have to decide whether you want to interpret it in a constructive way or reject it as being conjectural. I think there is good to be found it in it. Generally, I don't like rejecting things unless I find them purely harmful. The idea of righteousness is not harmful, imo, because when you compare it to unrighteousness it just refers to someone who really believes in their mission. An unrighteous person is deceitful and manipulative because they don't really believe in themselves.

When you talk about Paul "burning," it sounds like a put down. You could also interpret it as compassionate. I.e. they're saying that if someone can practice celibacy without burning with desire, they should. But if someone feels burning desire, they should marry. Does that necessarily refer to monogamous marriage? Many people would say so, but on what basis? What it does mean, imo, is that people should love and take responsibility for people they have sex with. If someone has the view that sex is not that big of a deal to "marry" everyone you do it with, that could be legitimate but I don't think it resonates with the Christian view that sex is special and that people having sexual relations should marry.
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