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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
Yes, at one point I got that idea already and started to do written discussion with Lin. I am utterly incapable to voice my thoughts as soon as I have to deal with emotions. I do not know where this comes from, I just can't speak my mind when I try to say how I feel.
HeHe! I'm like this as well, when my emotions are running high I turn into a babbling idiot and I can't convey even half of what I'm feeling and just forget trying to figure out why. I finally started a private blog for myself, which my husband reads. I was always lousy at "journaling", but the blog seems to be working. Here I was able to try and pick apart my feelings and insecurities without worrying about him always trying to "fix it". Sometimes I just need to share what's going on inside my head, without someone else dissecting it making me feel inferior (even if that wasn't their intent).
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