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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
It's work to face emotional issues-and he has a lot from his past to deal with-but if you don't face them how can you ever be happy? I just don't understand I guess....
A lot of us never learned HOW to deal with our "stuff," our challeges, our difficulties.... There is knowledge and there are skills involved, and it doesn't just drop into your lap automatically. A lot of folks learned to avoid dealing with what we weren't prepared to deal with -- by ignoring it and hoping it will go away, like a headache or a flu/cold. Colds will go away, all by themselves, eventually. But our "stuff"? It doesn't go away, it piles up when not addressed. And then having to address it feals--and is!--overwhelming.

If he's really suicidal, or having suicidal fantasies, he needs to find a psychologist/therapist--and fast. This is serious! He needs help. He's probably intensely stressed and may find it difficult to think clearly. His coping strategy may be breaking down, and that's terribly frightening.

Help him to get help, and waste not a moment. Talk of suicide is definitely a crisis moment. Treat it like a fire in the kitchen. Don't wait for it to go away.
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