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Originally Posted by RunBabyRun View Post
Here’s what I think may be the perfect solution. E and I take our RV up to the mountains and have 2 days and 1 night together. Rider and the kids can come up after E leaves and we can all have family time. I’ve gone camping for a few days like that before so it wouldn’t raise any red flags with our kids. E and I would have privacy, comfort and facilities. It kind of meets everyone in the middle except that Rider will still be laying awake that night with visions in his head. Ack! I don’t know what to do. I want at least one day and one night of uninterrupted time with E AND I want Rider to be OK and not feel excluded or rejected or whatever bad feelings he’s feeling. I want to be sensitive to his needs while taking care of mine and E’s. Advise anyone?! (I’m posting this question on the “New to Polyamory” board too).
Is the RV your's and Rider's or E's? If it's your's and Rider's, I suspect Rider might have a problem joining you in the same space/bed where you just had sex with E less than 24 hours before. I realize that you are excited and really want this, but if seems that your pushing a bit.
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