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Originally Posted by Snowdancer View Post
Agreed 100%. There isn't much in life that restores emotional balance like sex with someone you love and trust, be it a close friend or your life partner.
Oh, sex can definitely be healing even if it's with someone you don't know very well or love yet - believe me! In Western society, where we're all so touch-deprived, the physical act of connecting with another human being in such an intimate way can do wonders! It's the intention that I think is most important. If someone was intent on just getting their jollies with no regard for my feelings, that would feel like crap. But if two people who don't know each other well are intent on exploring joy, sensuality, connection, and satisfaction in one another's bodies, hell yeah! I don't need a commitment or to know someone extremely well for that, but I do agree about the trust - that should def be there. I often have a sense that I can trust someone who is totally new in my life (thanks to my woman's intuition - which is usually right!). I'm not into anonymous sex with strangers, but casual sex with new people, well, let's just say I rarely ever waited 'til the "third date" (and usually don't wait 'til the second, either).

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