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Hey Breathesgirl,

thanks for the welcome. Yes, at one point I got that idea already and started to do written discussion with Lin. I am utterly incapable to voice my thoughts as soon as I have to deal with emotions. I do not know where this comes from, I just can't speak my mind when I try to say how I feel.

This is especially hard on Lin, because as the circumstances are at the moment, all we can do is talk. He is still 8h away from me. But I am getting better at addressing the problems.

A whole different story are my positive feelings unfortunately... He is able to speak about everything that is on his mind. I can't even start with the little things. It is frustrating for him and in regard to those feelings, I can't even write them down. And this particular trait is a complete mystery to me. I have no idea where it comes from. As I have never had a LDR before I kind of never broached this issue because if I wanted to express myself, I just had to act it out. Impossible at the moment ... *sigh*
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