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Default PN and I are such a good team.

Tonight we went to a friends for supper. He has come to our house before and we have been out lots. He wanted to return the thanks for intro-ing me to the community and being my first friends here by making us supper.

He is a sweet guy, but not very well and he struggled throughout the evening due to the pain he feels; among other things... PN and I helped out, chatted lightly, joked around, and got into some deep conversations about relationship dynamics and early childhood trauma. Our friend really seemed to enjoy our dynamic and the conversation. He had a lot to say also.

PN and I talk VERY openly to one another about our likes and dislikes and we use a lot of humour to do so... we never have to guess for one second what is going on for the other and it is evident that we are on top of everything that goes through our head and checking with the other about what goes through theirs.... its simple, to the point. We don't get caught up in pretty much anything.

"do you want green tea RP?"
"No I don't, I don't like it."
"There is only mint tea... no black, which I know is your favourite. Are you okay with that?"
"yes I am, thank you for asking... "

At the end of the night I could see he was tired... as was our friend. PN signed in sign language (I use sign at work), in mid sentence, about something completely different, that he was wanting to go home. HA! I was impressed! I nodded and as soon as he was done talking I mentioned it was late and stated that it was time to go. Our friend didn't catch on at all! I know PN hates to do the good bye thing and I have no problem with it, so he was asking me to deal with it....

We are a great team
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