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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
If it's not something I want done to me under any circumstance then it's not something that I think is ok to do to someone else under any circumstance. Lying and cheating aren't ever ok. It's the cowardly way out. Either you suck it up and stay faithful until you can talk about it or you talk about it and deal with the consequences...or you break up and pursue something else.

I personally have zero tolerance for affairs. I can not think of any circumstance where I would tolerate being with someone who is cheating and no circumstance that I can think of is worth knowingly hurting another person.

I think anyone that has convinced themselves that affairs and cheating are valid because blah, blah, blah (me, me, me) is in denial. Yes sometimes partners are difficult and people sometimes hate them and think they have to stay with them... but that is not an excuse and does not make it right. It's cowardly. period. If your relationship is not working then I am really sorry about that, but say so, and move on.
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