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Originally Posted by greenearthal View Post
Instead I describe myself with descriptions.
I'll agree with that philosophy. This thread seems hauntingly similar to another hot one happening right now about terms and definitions.

I am not big into politics or party affiliation, but I do vote and try to take each issue on the terms of its own facts and merits in order to decide my opinion.

The old man and I had a very heated discussion about a city non-discrimination ordinance coming up for a vote next month that has lots to do with gender identity and what should be protected based on how people identify- in cases like these it's extra hard to even have an opinion when you are asked to because, in this case I don't have the personal knowledge to understand how one identifies as a different gender than their plumbing implies.

So- case by case is my method, tho I'm definitely not a republican, that I know.
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