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I'm still not sure of they are going to make it. mama has suggested again that he should find a local GF. he doesn't seem to want to. I think he is hoping that someday she will leave me for him. she has assured both me and him that it won't ever happen.

he is jealous of me and he is also jealous that she wants to spend time with her friends when she goes back to NY. there are 2 big problems that are keeping them from getting together while she is there.

1. the kids. when she was up there before, the kids stayed with her sister, so she was free to do what she wanted. she doesn't think it's fair to them to get someone to babysit while she goes out with him and I agree. (none of her friends know and we plan on keeping it that way) she also won't leave them with anyone overnight which is good considering all the red flags it would throw up.

2. they are from a small area and everybody knows both of them. most of them know me too. if they were to be seen together, there would be alot of talk and would probably make it back to her family. (again, not ready for anyone to know.)

he is upset about it but she says that even though she loves him, protecting our marriage comes first. we're going back up that way again in August so it's not like he has to wait that long to see her again. then I can watch the kids and they can hang out by themselves.

on another note. I sent out a message on OKC and this time I actually got a positive response. I told her I was out of the country for another few weeks to a month so email would have to be our primary means of communication. she was good with that. gives us time to be friends before we ever meet face to face. I can't wait totell mama!!!! I'm not sure if she will be excited or if she is going to wrestle with the same emotions I did.
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