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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
. . . if I were with someone for only 5 months and went through all of what you wrote, I'd be looking for an exit. Especially if you're also in your early 20s.
I second this. Your partner has put you through the wringer and seems quite immature.

What I noticed most about your post is how you are really trying to analyze it all down to the nth degree, trying to make some sense out of your situation and understand the why of how your partner is -- but I suspect that that analysis is a way of avoiding what you really want to do, because it truly sounds like you've reached your breaking point and have had it! Your frustration comes across loud and clear! And -- believe me -- not without good reason.

I'm sure you hate it when people say this, but -- you're young and should be enjoying your life, seeing potential and possibility and love in bloom, not placating someone who's really just behaving like a baby with a wet diaper.
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