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Wendigo and I have been together for 2 years now and we have yet to have a one on one over night, though honestly I'm not sure where we would have such a thing. The closet we've come is one night back in the early days where Runic Wolf allowed us to have an evening date; in which Wendigo took me shopping at an adult store and then we came back here for the evening. We had a nice hour long nap together afterwards until Runic Wolf came home from his game night and then the three of us spent a few hours together before Wendigo went home. For us it seemed to work best for us to have a three hour long "date" while Runic Wolf is at work. The three of us have napped together and Wendigo has had the opportunity to wake up next to me at various times a day, so it has worked out. My suggestion would be to start with something small - maybe the three of you spend time together until midnight or so and then she goes back to his place for a few hours.
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