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Originally Posted by polyexplorer View Post
...but the other person is not ready to be open with their long term partner about the new developing relationship, is it OK for these two people to start a sexual relationship?
After a sexual relationship has already started, when will this other person ever "be ready" to tell their long term partner? Under what possible circumstance could this be a happy scenario?

"Oh honey, by the way, I forgot to tell you I've been sleeping with A the past three years."

Or maybe there won't be any telling, it will just be a short term fling and so long. And how many others have there been? And has this person told you the truth about that? And has this person practiced safe sex and had STD/STI testing recently? And told you the truth about testing?

And if this person won't tell her/his long-term partner the truth about this new sexual relationship, why would this person tell the newest partner the truth about past relationships and testing?

Last but not least, how will the faithful poly partner feel about being someone else's adulterous affair?

Ask these questions:
* Ten years from now, which decision will I feel proud of?
* On my deathbed, which decision will I feel proud of?

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