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Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
On the topic of sex addiction I agree with Marty Klein:
That article is hard to deal with because it is very reactionary toward the idea of sex addiction without really discussing alternative perspectives on the types of behavior that might be labelled as "addiction." Likewise, he says that a 12-step type approach might not be the best way to deal with sex addiction but he doesn't really say why or what would work better, etc. In other words, the whole article seems more concerned with the idea of sex addiction as a problem than with addressing why or why not certain sexual behaviors might be(come) problematic or addictive. I am very interested in various reasoning why sex can't be an addiction and, if not, what is good about the behaviors that are getting it labelled as "addiction." I just wish the discussion would be on that level instead of accusations & defensiveness about addiction as a buzz-concept.

Let us not mix up addictions and compulsive behavior. It doesn't do justice to either of the issues or anybody suffering from either of them.
Ok, what is the difference? Can someone who feels a compulsive desire to engage in various sexual activities still not be addicted? I think you could develop this into an interesting discussion, but it seems more like you're just saying not to mix things up to make the discussion harder and more strained. If this isn't your intent, sorry that I got that impression. Do you actually want to discuss this issue of compulsion vs. addiction with regards to sex?
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