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Default Greetings and Happy 4th! (If you celebrate it)

I'm joining to seek some advice (and after my intro will post in the proper section asking for it). While I am not polyamorous, my lover identifies as such.

Yes, someone who is mono + someone who is poly = high probability for a spectacular mess. I am a cheerful pessimistic who understands this concept entirely. My optimistic lover is the type to ignore such realities. Oddly enough, I'm more of a vibrant person than them. Go figure. x"D

I am a nineteen year old student who is majoring in Japanese Studies with a minor in History. I swing back and forth from very social to fairly antisocial (with exceptions for close and dear friends/my lover etc). I'm pagan, otherkin, genderfluid and kinky as well. Titles and labels galore oh my!

Not sure what else someone would like to know x"D It is a nice pleasure to meet you all, even if mono people like me might not fit in here too well.
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