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Smile New and wishing to hear other people's experiences


I've been married to an open-minded guy for 15 years now. We have three daughters and a beautiful family. We are very loving and get along great.

I've always been kind of worried about the impracticality of monogamy, and my hubby knew it. Yet, I've always been 'faithful' in the traditional sense of the word. About 18 months ago, I stumbled about a poly site and felt "Hey, so I'm not the only one feeling like this!"

I read a lot. I started talking seriously about it with my husband a year ago. We rewrote our "marriage contract", so to speak.

And yet, last week I spent a day with someone else and he felt so hurt! I don't want to hurt my loved ones so!

So my questions are:
1) Where in the forum can I read about the practical aspects of starting up without hurting anybody?
2) Is there anybody with my own cultural background who can share their experiences? I'm from Argentina.
3) Does it have to end up in divorce? I know what I'd choose if I have to, but I don't understand why I have to choose at all...

I need to talk to real people with real experience.

Thanks for reading, hope it's not too long for an introduction.

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