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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
I guess you could say we all have a great deal of love for one another and embraced the idea of a monogomous triad.
The word "triad" (also, "triangle") is generally used by people within the polyamory "community" to refer to a situation in which three people are each loving, "romantic" and sexual partners with each of the others in the grouping of three. A grouping of the sort you described is known as a "V", with the top two ends of the V shape indicating your two women lovers and the point of the V being yourself. A triad (or triangle) would have a line crosing at the top, indicating that all are "romantically" involved with one another.

When more than two people practice "fidelity," it is known as polyfidelity, rather than monogamy of any sort. "Monogamy is the state of having only one husband, wife, or sexual partner at any one time."

Are the two women in your arrangement free to have other partners if they wish? That's something to consider, since you are uniquely the beneficiary of the multiple partner situation you have--at least in some respect. I'm all for what you have so long as everyone is truly happy with it. But I can't say much from experience on your situation, because most of my loverly relationships have been with other men, and the dynamic is just different -- mainly due to gender enculturation and issues. Example, men together as lovers don't have any trouble worring about sexist attitudes manifesting as power issues based on who has what sort of plumbing.
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