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Default Introduction

So, who is this about? Dramatis Personae so to speak

Me: I didn't introduce myself on this board, so I will catch up on this now. After some detours I ultimately became a student of History and Philosophy as well as English. I love to study, could go on with my studies for years, if there wouldn't be some financial aspects to this wish unfortunately. Therefore I am about to have my finals in the upcoming two terms. There is this opportunity I mentioned in my first thread, which would shift my occupational orientation quite a bit. But this isn't set yet, we will see what happens in August. Game developer or teacher, what will it be?

My husband: I know this is kind of odd, but I do not like this first letter abbreviations, therefore I will name him Sward, because that is the closest I can get to catch up on the nicks he likes to use normally. He has got green thumbs, he loves plants and trees and nature and all that stuff (I personally get every green thing in my surrounding to die within a week, never been good with this). He is a gardener, working mainly on the tree farm and in the nursery garden and loves to be outside. One of those rare ones that love their job like a hobby, doing hours and hours overtime without complaining and like to continue with work in their free time as well.

If I would have to name a special trait of his, he has serenity, peace of mind as a main characteristic. This helps him to put up with my egoistical and capricious moods in the morning and my demanding ways, if I got something into my head. If you would ever talk about firm as a rock, this would be what fits him best.

My best friend: I will use one of the short forms he is often called by friends who play with us online. He will be called Lin. Lin has been ill most of his life. He has a severe heart disease, which caused three heart attacks up to now (first one with 16). I will not talk about the bad times, there have been plenty, but at the moment it looks like everything takes a turn to the brighter side of life. Again something that the next upcoming months will show. He is a painter, unbelievable creative, unfortunately I suck at giving supportive feedback on his works. I love them all, but if I think something is well done I simply say “Oh well done!” or “Good.” and that's it. On the contrary, if I think that this or that could be improved, I can give plenty of criticism. Constructive one, but still criticism. And he hates it.

We are both pigheads, real mules so to speak and he can be short-tempered at times. We get into heated discussions that can build up to real fights, but after a short explosion and some silent minutes we start over again and clear the misunderstanding in a more settled manner. We are able to talk and talk and talk for days. Main traits for him would be sensibility and pride.
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