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Smile Phy's story - As you like it

Hey all,

this is Phy and I decided to start accompanying you in this section because I want to share my story. It is not a sad one. At least up to today, hopefully won't be one in the future as well but you never know as I see it as a comedy of errors most of the time . The two men involved in my story won't be able to be with me and have their say in it, because of language boundaries. I will try to include their point of view as well if possible. As I have touched on the language thing, I will try my best to keep this readable and grammatically correct, but I can't promise to be 100% spot on in every case.

Well, why do I wish to blog, in a different language, telling strangers what my life looks like? Hm, I asked myself this question for about 2 weeks, then I noticed that I mainly would like to do this because of myself. Just get the things “on paper”, write it down to clear my mind. I could have done this in private, but you guys helped me big time with your stories and I thought “Well, why not? It won't harm you to share as well, maybe someone will take interest in what you have to say.” And it is a really good exercise language wise

So, here we go.
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