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nycindie: just a social hanging-out setting, dinner, watching a movie etc. Group sex is like waaaaaay into the future, if ever...

redpepper: What I am ashamed of is my inability to think things through before acting, which ends up just hurting the people I love most. I was considering deleting this thread, but I'm leaving it with a permanent link on my bookmarks to remind me how NOT to post. :-)

My revised poll would be:
Hi, I'm having big problems expressing my needs when it comes to group-setting (non-sexual) with my partner and her new boyfriend. In a way I want them to act the way they want (NRE), but I know that's way too much for me to handle. So, I'm wondering, how did/do you guys do social settings, what rules of conduct did you apply?

without priming the reader with not even my side of the story, just a mashup of nothingness.

One good thing came out of this though, last night I wrote my own draft for a 5 step plan for planned social gatherings, leading up to "full freedom".
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