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Weeeeellll, I missed you guys... I haven't really caught up after a busy weekend. I love when I get to see ALL my loves in one weekend.

First PN, who unfortunately was so late to our date night it was bed time when he got in. We managed to get a short chat in and he brought me poutine (as mentioned). We really haven't spent "date" time together, but had a good weekend of chatting and doing things together in short bits as others came and went. He got a lot of writing done and that made him happy. Happy PN, happy RP.

I spent time at friends of ours with Mono this weekend. They are our friends, not PN's or Derby's or Leo's or anyone else's, but really ours we made together. I like that, but they are slowly becoming everyone's friends also. Mono and I had a great night of connection and love and a morning of lounging around... we are such bed people.

Derby stayed over one night when we had a BBQ for some friends, including Leo who came with his wife! A first for them! Other than just spending time with us. Derby and I had a good night together after much socializing and laughter. We kept the men awake though. That was confirmed tonight..... *ahemmm*

I had to laugh though as her and PN are such morning people... all smiles and giggles in the morning. I was glad they had each other to be like that with this morning... such a treat for PN, he usually gets grumpy ol' me.

I enjoyed Leo being around. He and his wife met my swinger friends.... FINALLY! They have common friends together and I was waiting for them to meet for ever now.

They talked about finding a venue for a Halloween party where they can book rooms. A lot of hotels won't take them any more. I have to admit, I still find the whole swinger thing really almost bizarre. Listening to them talk about being able to hide the fact they are swingers by dressing up and then getting hotel rooms to stay the night in and that they have to warn people to not walk the halls naked just is rather humorous to me for some reason. I can't help wonder why they do it. Meh, whatever, it was fun to listen to.

Leo was a bit concerned about where I was at all times when the night started, but he seemed to calm and they seemed to have a really good time. At least they said so anyway. I was glad he got to meet some of the friends I have talked about to him and spend some time with my other loves so he doesn't feel akward any more after the "December incident (chuckle I like that)."

We are making plans to camp again later in the summer with Leo and fam and his wife even suggested we all go to her parents condo on one of the local ski mountains again.... yipeeee. I love it there. I went there for my 40th birthday with them.

So, today we wandered a down town market, got some tacos and sat and listened to some music from the Jazz fest. I saw my old terisaries wife today there with a friend of mine... sigh, so much unfinished business left to unearth and work on... perhaps. I dunno, what is the life span of unfinished business? How long is long enough to just drop it?
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