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Tonite I held close the questioning of close friends, knowing that their intent was only to understand that which is so foreign to them.

Respect, trust, honesty, integrity, and vulnerability filled the menu, a pleasant accompaniment to the evening's apertifs.

We talked of cancer, death, family, the grief of the living, mistakes of love, and then, quite organically, of polyamory.

There was no judgment, only a line of questioning bent on understanding.

There was no defense, only shrugged shoulder conviction.

No one has to believe what I believe. That is the beauty of a truthful life.

To Catfish and Rarechild: I speak to the World your love for each other easily when asked, proudly when questioned. I leave no doubt in the minds of others that you care for me.

You are glorious.

I love you for all that you are and also for the life you choose.
Your strength and love will never be questioned long by those in my company.
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