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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
Our triad did not come about because any of us were seeking the lifestyle.
eek, there is that "lifestyle" word again! Poly isn't a lifestyle so much as its an identity... it isn't something that you can go away for the weekend and do like swinging... its how most of us function on a day today basis because baby we were born this way... I know, that could be seen as "lifestyle" but some people get offended by the word as it indicates that we are , well,,, primarily, swingers and not poly.

To me I see it like my sexual identity. I am pansexual, and that is NOT a lifestyle, its something I was born with. I didn't chose it.

Make sense?

Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
We function emotionally as a triad.

(Btw, neither the wife nor I are bisexual.)
So you are not a triad by technical terms then? You are a Vee it seems to me. And then I would wonder if you are actually a roomate as the fulfilment of the sexual aspect of your relationship dynamic seems to of vanished.

Of course you can have a non-sexual relationship, but in terms of clarity for yourself, what do you think? It doesn't sound like you are okay with that. What are you planning on doing to rectify the situation? Will you approach them in the future to change that up? Is it temporary this situation sexually?

It's only been five months right? Are you sure you didn't move in too fast? That is REALLY fast for a relationship of such dynamic to move in together. Sometimes things work themselves out if there is more pacing. Then again, there seems to be a complete stop of sex, so that might be the "slowing down" that was needed... I could see how this might change in time or the relationship aspect of your arrangement end.
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