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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
That has been tried and it didn't work out.

But since it is mentioned above, I would like to point out that Mono said it wasn't a TYPICAL polyamorous relationship. While I have been arguing that terminology is a GOOD thing, the rest of you have been arguing "Do we have the right to tell the OP that his relationship "is" or "is not" poly". That stemmed from Mono's response in search of clarification. If you READ Mono's POST, the word "typical" qualifies that statement.

Mono says it's not a TYPICAL poly relationship. He did not say "You DO NOT HAVE a poly relationship." That's when the OP got all "Maybe I'm not on YOUR LEVEL, snark snark," and started with the Wiki definitions. Then he says he's not the one who started discussing terminology. Of course this is his thread, so he can throw out anything for discussion, but if someone else chooses to run with it, it's somehow not acceptable?

I swear, sometimes people don't realize that what was written by others is STILL UP THERE for reference.
But prior to this post he already apologized for the miscommunication-so why drag it out?
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