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Originally Posted by River View Post
I'm a naturalistic and non-theistic mystic. "God," to me, is a problematic concept and word -- because I know that, ultimately, the entire Cosmos is the body of ... well, the unspeakable (about which love is its essence). If there is nothing which is not "God" (ech!) -- the Divine -- then "God" becomes quite a confusing and confused word.
It's good to hear someone struggling with divinity because they believe that there is some truth to be achieved in not simply going along with what someone else(s) have established. Personally, I can embrace atheism, buddhism, and "God" at the same time because they are all parts of the same integrated creative power to me, albeit with different forms of consciousness. I think people get so caught up in the conflict of competing truths that they ignore that truth moves a little further with each moment of enlightenment gained by understanding something new. "God" may be a confusing word because it ultimately refers to the creative power that everything evolves from and through, but creative power itself is a simple core concept, imo. Anyway, I think this is getting off topic maybe, but I have enjoyed the theological exchange.
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