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Ach. Of course you need alone time. Most of us do. Some people are introverts and get really worn out after being with others too much.

I am fairly extroverted but really enjoy my "me time."

Hm, so he isn't actually having sex with your gf? Why not?

He's bi but doesn't want male lovers? Why not? Is he asexual? Does your gf want to have sex with him and he won't, or is there some other reason this guy that is over all the time isnt actually having sex with his gf?

B doesnt get along with his parents and so wants to escape. Why live with you 2? Why not get roommates in an apartment like most young men that don't want to live with their parents do?

To me, any guy that feels jealous when the kids are getting the attention he feels he deserves, is immature and needy and probably has low self esteem. My ex (note, ex), father of our kids, used to resent the attention our young children needed and took it out on me in passive aggressive ways.

How old are your kids?
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