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: ) You almost got it right. I never told her she could not be with other women, that was what she told me she wanted.... If she said she wanted to see other women it would be harder, but I would be ok with it.

I am not sure why he says he doesn't want her seeing other men if he moves in. Maybe its like and ego thing. "If she's gonna be the only girl than I am gonna be the only guy" on his part I am not sure.

She tells him that she will not agree to that....that it's not something that will work for her. So he will say things like "well that's ok I guess I'll just have to be happy with living with you than"... "a few days later he is back to why do you need other men when you have me"

She very much undestands the situation with our son. As he is her biological son. I am not left to "fend" for myself, but yes I do take care of many of the house hold responsibilities including the kids on my own when she is not home, she won't go away for days at a time that is why living aprt will never really work. She knows that would be unfair, and she is a very hands on parent. I don't think she wishes to be away from the kids for that long.

It is also why B spends so much time at our house. That and he hates his own home. He lives in an apartment attached to his relatives land and, they treat him very badly because of him being bi-sexual and whatever else they can think of. He is not deserving of ther treatment towards him.

Yes she knows I think he is immature, and that I find him to be annoying. She doesn't offer up much disagreement to it either. So I am not sure if she just has a better tolerance for it, or what.

"We" more so her than me, kind of take care of him like he is a kid, I think. I pointed it out to her a few weeks ago. I thought about it, and I am like we buy him clothes, he is on our cell phone plan, he eats our food, we help him with paperwork, we give him gas money....hummmmm why do I feel like I am going to be doing the same thing for our other kid in two years : )

He does do plenty of things for us as well, so I am not trying to deminish what he does. He helps do out door things around our house, he spends time with the kids, he has seen them off to school a few times for us. We are doing some remodeling he helps with that, and he will buy groceries now and than.

He can actually be a lot of fun too! I am not going to say that I don't have fun with him, or that he is not a really good person. He is awesome in smaller doses!

I do feel like my space is invaded! thanks! you nailed it!......

I feel very guilty though when I say that or feel that way. I feel like if I am asking for alone time I am making both of them unhappy. He feels let out, and she feels bad that he feels left out.
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