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Originally Posted by ClosetPoly View Post
Okey, I see this wasn't a good day for my question. I have had a cold sore for more than a week, keeping me from kissing my partner, and things are bundling up a bit.

I am sorry for making the impression that Vanilla is the one to blame for how I feel. Vanilla, I'm sorry.

I am the one jumping all over the place, pushing and prodding, both them and myself, and it hasn't even been a month... *sigh* Sorry for flailing, it's what I do worst...
Oh no worries over here. We can see you flip flopping crazily, contradicting yourself, and generally worrying about what's reasonable and unreasonable to request. Vanilla must also be drowning in NRE at this point.

Indigo was not great at expressing his needs at first, fearing he'd be too selfish. So he'd okay things, and then not be quite so okay with them. I was crazy with NRE and didn't listen especially well to the voice in my head that warned me he was saying one thing, but all other cues were pointing to something different.

You guys will get the hang of it, and I certainly don't see red flags in either of your behaviour. Just stuff to work on!
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