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Originally Posted by esedkudiln View Post
Such a warm welcome, and such empathy. I seem to have intruded into a community that is less open than I had hoped, or than it claims to be. Or maybe it's just certain individuals.

I'm happy to play by the rules of this community, but does that include adopting one single interpretation of the scriptures - unquestioningly, without dissent or doubt? Surely not.

I seem to have upset you. Could you explain why?
You haven't upset me. But I think part of the problem is that the people who have been struggling for lengthy periods of time to be accepted as being in multiple DEEP LOVING relationships often get told that all they really care about is fucking around. So they get defensive-because that isn't true.

It's not so much a right or wrong for you issue- as it is a need for them to fight to be understood.

I see it similar to a gay person who gets offended by someone saying they are bi-because they feel like it is "graying" the definition of who THEY are.

Really it isn't-but in the eyes of the ignorant majority whom we are all battling against for our freedom to be ourselves-it is.

Does that help you understand the defensive posturing at all?
Of couse that's my opinion-as someone who isn't feeling defensive-so I could be completely off base.

Even I find it's hard to prove to people that what you want is the right to love more than one person deeply-when other people suggest that what they want is to sleep around freely-then people assume I also "JUST" want to sleep around freely-when in fact only want the right to love and be in love with Maca and C, with sex sometimes and sometimes not.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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