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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
You can live without either. Having neither might drive you insane,but you don't need either to survive.

Well, I guess a simple example woud be. When you break up with someone do you feel the immediate urge to fill that gap of love and infatuation. Or can you take time to adjust and be on your own. If you HAVE to fill the whole, you could be addicted to love.

Thatsmy take anyways.
Love comes in so many different forms. If you read the wikipedia page on love addiction, it even gets into things like when you are obsessed with the love of your children or believing in finding a "true soulmate." Apparently, you only have a healthy level of interest in love if you occasionally seek companionship with others and keep a fair amount of distance from them. That seems like a cold way to live to me, so I must be a love addict.

I'm going to venture out on a limb and say that love-addiction isn't really a problem any more than health-addiction is. I.e. it's not bad to always want to be healthy - it only becomes a problem when you get obsessed with it and can't just accept common health problems and health risks, etc. I think it's good to bring love into everything you do and I can only see it becoming a problem if you become strikingly depressed or panic when you experience moments where love is lacking in your daily life. If you are able to sufficiently love yourself, you are less dependent on constant love from others, even if you're still getting a steady supply of (self) love. This is my opinion, anyway.
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