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she went out with her friends and wound up leaving at 11:30 instead of 8 because she had been drinking. she said she danced for 3 hours straight. so when she finally got to the hotel room, she was tired from dancing, tired from drinking and then they had sex and fell asleep.
apparently they had a big fight about this last night. he thought saturday was supposed to be his day and felt blown off because mama was spending time with her friends. I guess he really blew his top about it. he quit smoking a few weeks ago and blames the withdrawals.

mama and I had a nice long talk about it today and she is starting to see things that I told her about months ago. she said she doesn't see it going anywhere. she suggested he get a GF thats local and I don't think he liked that , I guess he only has eyes for her. I'm not sure whats going to happen with them.

if nothing else, it was a learning experience for both of us.
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