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I think it's more common for monos not to seek out new relationships on the rebound. Society has conditioned most monogamous people to be cautious about that. Whenever I heard about someone on the rebound was looking to get involved with someone, I ran in the other direction. It's generally common knowledge that rebound relationships will be fraught with trouble and/or drama.
When you say "looking to get involved," do you contrast that with more casual dating or all dating?
Well, most of the time, dating is where involvement begins, so yeah, that includes dating (???). One wouldn't suddenly make a huge leap from being single to being involved, without some phase of going out together and getting to know each other first - right? So, back in the days when I was single (before I got married), if someone on the rebound asked me out, I would feel very trepidatious about it and likely turned them down. Guys on the rebound were simply considered too much trouble and drama. It's a very common thing that was always reinforced - don't date people on the rebound.
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