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Originally Posted by ClosetPoly View Post
What is the timeline on your progress? You say you started out holding hands and cuddling, and now you are at a point where kissing is ok, and you snuggle who you want. How long has this taken? I'm starting to think I might be pushing myself into a boundary-setting which will only make things take longer...
We're at a year, now. It was probably around 8 months when everything became close to natural.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Common courtesy, really. A bit of self control won't kill them. If it bothers them too much to act like adults when you're there, I am afraid your wife's idea of spending cozy evenings with both her her men will not work. She, as the fulcrum of the V, must work to help both of you guys feel comfortable, wanted and desired. NRE is no excuse for rude, inconsiderate behavior.
This. I've bolded all the important parts.
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