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Gosh, if you and your buddy/her lover are gonna get together for an evening to hang out, and they both know that seeing them making out makes you uncomfortable (for now), they should *not* be making out the minute you walk out of the room to pee or get a beer. Then you hear the wet making out and moaning sounds start and end just as you leave and come back? That almost makes it worse.

They should abstain from the mushy stuff when you're in the same house/apt and save the wet kisses for hello and goodbye only, and the real intense stuff for their own one-on-one dates. IMO.

Common courtesy, really. A bit of self control won't kill them. If it bothers them too much to act like adults when you're there, I am afraid your wife's idea of spending cozy evenings with both her her men will not work. She, as the fulcrum of the V, must work to help both of you guys feel comfortable, wanted and desired. NRE is no excuse for rude, inconsiderate behavior.
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