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Default It works.

Lover showed up just as I was preparing my favorite cornflake bake chicken recipe. He and Jewel sat around and talked for awhile tell I was done. We all went for a hike around our land, and looked at the garden. We talked about future plans, for the fall and winter. I felt pangs of nervousness every now and again. I would just accept and let it go. Especially when I heard Jewel and Lover erupting in laughter over some joke.

I set everything up pretty as I could in my temp. R.V. situation. Paper plates, silverware, and what food I had to left to offer. I announced everything was done. My family gathered around and hungrily loaded up their plates. I made one for The Dew, and Jewell made one for The woogie as I sat her in the highchair. Woogie stared, and stared at Lover. We all past glances back and forth but no words were exchanged until the pangs of hunger passed.

Lover plotted ways of getting my mom to leave us alone. He wanted to make the point clear that: "yes I am with two lovers, and twice as protected so donít try any more shit." He had a whole plot written out. It was funny to see, and discuss, but all in all we won't mess with her.

I took Lover and the kids into my "space". A small couch and a shelf were I keep my computer. Lover and I let the kids more or less maul us while we listened to my favorite C.D. Florence and the Machine Lungs. Jewel finished up the few chores we didn't get to. When she was done we loaded up his truck with my laundry, and gas tanks. It was a dark and starry 9 pm when I kissed my two little girls. I hugged Jewell and gave her a kiss. She returned a hug that said it was okay, all was fine. She told me her night was going to be wrangling the kids in the shower and to bed, so she could get five minutes peace.

As the stars stood on their own with no moon to over shadow them we headed to my other home. His hand in mine. Sleepy and excited we bumbled into his place. He touched me as coffee was brewing. We sipped it listening to the radio, and making small talk. Finally we turned the lights low. I crawled into bed as he took a momentary pause to close the chicken coop.

"Whats this in my bed " Lover announced as he joined me. I am not the master of romantic comebacks so I remarked "something to poke". Serious dork alert that got me tickled half to death. He enjoyed my body most of the night. Exploring it like its never been seen before. We must have been up for hours. I felt like I had barley closed my eyes before the sun and the roosters call came barraging in on us.

Lover let them out and his body was cold when he came back. I brought my warm body up to his, and he just melted. We made morning love, and took a ridiculously long shower afterward. We took our time getting ready for town. It wasn't until noon was fast approaching that I threw my purse in the truck.

As I slammed the door I was startled to see Lovers friend. He looked at me a little shocked knowing I was with Jewell (not knowing anything else except a mono relationship with a man). He talked with Lover about farm related stuff. I had a feeling he wanted to hang out longer with him and he knew that something was up. He left in an odd hurry.

Lover asked what we should do as we were driving in town. I told him it was okay, and probably a good idea to tell his friend. Jewell, I knew didn't mind, but he was welcome to get a direct okay first. He went on saying it couldn't really be adultery, or cheating could it? "Our relationship just works." Lover finished with a baffled look on his face. I told him no, and don't say that. I instead just told him to tell his friend that he was my Co-Husband. I said Lover has earned that title for all the work he has put him help us out. He sat in quiet pride for the most part. He even held my hand in public for the first time.

We did our town chores getting around the happy crowds of 4th of July-ers. As soon as we got home I made a late lunch. We watched Avatar, and hoped the cloud build up would lead to a badly needed rain. 7pm was fast approaching. No time for another love fest. Instead we worked together to feed his goats, rabbits, chickens, and his cute little pup. We shared the big arm chair until Jewells lights could finally be seen on the road.

Lover made a big sandwich, for all to share, as I bathed the kids there. We sat and talked while Woogie bummed food off of everyone. She finally dozed in Lovers lap, clean and full. We loaded up and left.

All three girls dozed while I drove home. Jewell woke as I came to a stop sign. "Lover sure benefited from your energy. He was in such a good mood." I shifted into first gear, and she reached out and touched me. We both couldn't see but we could tell that we were both smiling. Happy to be in each others company again.
I make the letter V. I am married to my wife Jewel (MtoF) for 8 years. Adopted into our family is my Sextoy/SSO (Straight Male).--Not living together.
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