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I agree with everyone here. I really can't argue with any of it. There is validity in all sides.

I must say though that if poly specifically is defined as having one night stands then I will bow out of any posts along that line. I take refuge in my definition as I find it respectable enough to tell my parents about. To me its a bastardization and an insult to say that poly is specifically about one night stands. I will be sure in the future to let my old aunties know that I am NOT identifying with that definition and prefer the definition that includes less of the sexual aspect and more of love, commitment and communication between those involved. I haven't done all this work to see it any other way.Please don't think that I know nothing about one nights stands, swinging or the like, I have had my fair share in my day. For me its just completely different but can be where poly gets its start. It was certainly MY start.

Thanks for the heads up on this as I am sure my family has or will be goggleing poly and I can now nip in the bud the thought that they think I'm having one night stands.

I hope the OP has gained something from the comments that were given in regards to his original concerns and realizes that we are all here to learn from one another and ourselves. Thanks for that opportunity and for the debate!
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