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Default loss of a spouse/love

has anyone had the misfortune to deal with this? loosing one of your loves/spouses/so's?

I ask for several reasons, I've looked online and have generally only found support sites for those married folks who have lost their one and only spouse, but nothing for those of us with many loves, spiritual spouses, and significant others.

And, two years ago I lost my lady love, its been rough ever since and in my search to find some place online to seek help I found nothing for my unigue situation. Its a shame we seem to have no support type places to go when we could really use it. In this time my husband has been so wonderful supporting me, but DP (my other love) did not handle it well at all and in general will not discuss it with me and changes topic when I try to bring it up.

DP and my lady love were friends for many many years before I ever met them, so I'm sure its quite difficult for him to have lost her after so many years together, but its been hard talking with him and knowing I can't breach this subject.

DP and I live in different states, we always have, it was never an issue for us, the long distance did not deter us from persueing one other or for me my lady love. Since my lady love passed, I feel myself quite reluctant to give anyone a chance to get near my heart.

I know there is always a time for dealing with the loss and healing, but it still hurts so much to know shes gone. I guess I just want to know someone else has gone through this and it will eventually get easier and I will stop crying when I think of her and be able to just rememebr all the wondrful things about her and not hurt so much when my mind drifts to thoughts of her.

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