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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
Also, *if* you continue in Poly and do not want any more children please do not expect the women in your life to be soley responsible for prevention..... getting yourself snipped might be a good alternative.
I've had this conversation with Cotton Candy a few times. She has her tubes tied...and when I become sexually active with other women, I always wrap my willie. But I also realize accidents happen....and therefore, I will probably eventually get snipped to help prevent the possibility of pregnancy.

To the OP:

I'm not sure of what you CAN do in this situation. What was the reason for the break up? Is it reconcilable? If so, I would look into it and trying to rekindle the relationship. You don't want to miss out on that child do you?

I'm not big on abortions at all. When discussing this with past lovers, we agreed that abortion was not an option. Just like anything else in life, if you play the game, you gotta accept the risks. One of those risks is a child, in this game. So, pony up to the bar and take responsibility. IN MY OPINION, abortion, in addition to being mean and (in my opinion) murder, is an easy out for irresponsibility. (There ARE extenuating circumstances such as rape or other things, which I believe abortion should be legal for. But just to prevent an unplanned pregnancy due to a "mistake", is not acceptable to me.)

* The opinions voiced in this post are just that....OPINIONS. Neither right, nor wrong. I trust the other ADULTS on this board, with differing views, to realize that fact and not break out the flame train. LOL
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