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Red face

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Getting to the states is easy peasy.

Betting back used to be the bitch. The longest I have ever had to wait to get into canada was almost 4 hours.

The longest it has ever taken to get into the states took about 45 minutes, and that was with a terrorist stop in immigration.. hahaha
Well, you see, I'm still American so it's an American returning of a different colour.


I'm disappointed in my son. He was stealing from his dad and blaming a friend who is a bad influence for it. His conscience finally kicked in and he came clean to me last night and his dad this morning. *sigh* I thought I was doing a good job .

Any way, he and I talked last night and he's been reassured I still love him--I can love HIM without loving the actions. He's going to church this morning and going to talk to his minister and then he has to go and face the music with his dad *sigh*. I'm disappointed, upset, confused....trying to figure what's going on with him and help him through his own problems and emotions with this.
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