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I skyped with mama and the kids last night. I love talking to her on skype, I can see her face so it makes me feel closer to her. after I went to work, she sent me an email asking for me to call her so I did.

looks like her and the BF's NRE is over. not for sure but they may be done. I talked to him this morning and he seems to think so. I have an Idea of what it's about but I don't want to speculate until I hear it from her.

I kind of feel relieved because of all the anxiety it's put me through. at the same time, depending on what happened she might be depressed for the last few weeks before I get home which would suck and I would feel horrible.

I don't know if it's even over but if it is, I'm not sure if she is going to want to try it again. time will tell. I'll know more later.
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