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Default Hook-ups

I've been experiencing very many emotionally draining things over the last few weeks. Amongst all of it, I've been struggling with the idea of sexual hook-ups (are there other kinds, btw?) A little while ago I had a fantastic, ridiculously tempting opportunity at either supremely hot one-on-one sex, or a potentially fabulous foursome. It didn't happen. And while I do give full respect to and don't reduce the power of the other folks involved, the not happening was basically because of me. I called the action to a screeching halt.

I'm frustrated because I don't know why this is such a challenge for me. Ok, I do know, and that's why this is so frustrating. What I can't quite figure out is the particular combination of factors that makes sex effortless and amazing and easy for me - and there clearly is such a combination.
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