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Originally Posted by jasminegld View Post
Curiously enough, the "becoming one flesh" is one of the bits of Scripture where absolute literal reading can have meaning: man and woman join together and create a chld - literally one flesh. It doesn't matter if the couple later separates; they are still tied to each other by custody complications, under normal circumstances.
Wow, I'm glad you thought of this interpretation. I think you could go beyond custody issues and think about the very inner existence of each individual as both their parents combined inside themselves. A child is literally one body constructed from two people who created it through sex.

The verse about yoking together -- I won't take time to look it up. I remember it as "be ye not yoked together with an unbeliever." This relates to the purity codes and survival of the clan. Ancient peoples often lived on the brink of extinction. Marrying within an approved in-group kept to the purity codes, and more importantly, it kept the clan alive. Marrying outside the clan risked loss of children and loss of population, and perhaps eventual death of the clan. So, who a person married was about more than simple approval; it was about survival of the entire nation.
I'm not sure which book/passage you're talking about but my impression was the that warnings against being with an unbeliever have to do with the conflicts between forgiving and unforgiving individuals. A person who themselves doesn't believe in forgiveness may take advantage of it from someone else while wielding power by refusing to forgive others. As a forgiving believer, you will keep forgiving them for their unforgiveness but they will keep score against you. Idk, maybe that's just one interpretation. I know it comes into play where they talk about divorce being about forgiving the unforgiveness of an unbeliever.

As Christianity first began to form with its very small numbers, this new religious group faced the same risks of dilution and extinction from marrying the "wrong" people.

But as someone said, (serialmonogamist?), sometimes it's possible to open oneself up to the ideas of another person, even when they use foreign theistic/non-theistic language in order to learn something applicable to one's own spiritual process.
Thanks for liking this idea I have found it very fruitful in pursuing my own path exploring knowledge of various forms without fear and hate.
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