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Thanks for your reply Nycindie..

I know that we don't have to move anyone in. I always feel a little bit torn between what will make me most happy and what will make my Partner most happy.

She has a BF(they are non-sexual right now) in mind that she would like to have live with us at some point. Her request was that I consider it. Which I am trying very hard to do. We have done it once before and you could write a book on all the mistakes we made.

We are pretty new to this in my opinion. She has been seeing other people for about two years on and off, and things seem to go pretty well when they don't live with us. When they do it causes so many conflicts. I feel like a lot of the conflicts are my fault.

I am mono and I am just better at sharing my space with one partner. I am not so good at sharing it with two : (

I see all the good that can come with it, and I also see all the bad.

As a friend I care very much for this BF of hers, but living wise I see so many things and habbits that he has that I just can't deal with : (

I want to give it my best effort to consider it, and we said that we would revist the topic in 6months. I guess I am trying to do some serious thinking right now, but I just keep coming back to the fear of history repeating its self.

What would make it different this time?.......
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